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Public Limited Compay Registration Importance

Public Limited Company Registration Is The Most Powerfull form of corporate structure made by companies act .Entire growth of the Indian Economy Mostly depends upon advancement of Public Limited Companies and its well functioning. salient features are Limited Liability, Perpeutuality, separate legal entity. Large Scale Business can be possible with public limited company only. unlimited number of members are allowed to invest in its share. It will distribute profit in form of dividends in case there exists sufficient profits. It Is Advised to form public limited company registration form of corporate structure whose business requires high amount of capital, technology and other factors

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public limited company registration

public limited company registration information

public limited company registration fees/charges and documents required is under

requiminimum 7 persons/promoters required.

please send below documents and information

1) 7 persons colour photo

2) 7 persons pan card (self attested)

3) 7 persons id proof(voter card/driving license/passport) (self attested)

4) residential address powerbill/gas bill/tel bill/bank statement

note: house number should match with id and address proof

please send below information

1) 7 persons mobile number

2) 7 persons educational qualification

3) 7 persons place of birth

4) 7 persons email id

company information to be provided

1) company name (select unique name for fast approval)

2) company address (full address with pincode)

3) activity of the company (main objects of company please write min 2 lines atleast)

forms to be efiled, registration procedure and govt fee

step 1 process:

1) form dir-3 - din (for 7 persons) - govt fee rs.500(for one din)*7=rs 3500

2) digital signatures7*1500= rs-10500/-- 3 days to complete.

3) form inc -1(application for name reservation of company) company name

e-filing -

(approval may take min 1 day & max time sub. roc approval) govt fee rs 1000

note-1: select unique name for fast approval of company( we have 3 chances

to reapply company name if the given name is not approved).

note-2: if the given names is not approved within 3 chances again we can apply by

paying 2000 rs with fresh names).

once company name is approved we have to follow from below point no 4

step 2 process:

the below e forms as per companies act 2013 need to be e filed

4) form dir 2, form 9, 10 and other forms notarized

5)filing of e form spice 32

6) filing of e form spice 33

7) filing of e form spice 34

applicant seeking registration from Punjab, kerala state extra need to pay-10000

8) moa

9) aoa

10) incorporation certificate (approval may take min 1 day & max time sub. roc approval)

11) company pan govt fee rs 105

12) company tan govt fee rs 70

13) Documents Of Public Limited Company Registration Will Be Hand Delivered Upon Completetion Of The Registration Process Of the Company

time: min 30 working days to complete and maximum time subject to roc rules

Other Registrations To Be Taken After Registratration Of Public limited company Company Registration

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OUR BANK DETAILS 1 After Registration Of Public Limited Company Also Need To Be Taken The Following Services in FullFillment Of Compliance.
2 Rubber stamps -RS 500(For Stamp, Address Stamp And Round Seal)
3 Share Certificates -300 for each share holder
4 Share tranfer deed- Share Transfer From Existing Share Holder To New Share Holder.
5 Common Seal @ 2000/- Rs
6 Necessary Books And Stationery @ 2000/-Rs For Registers Of Private Limited Company
7 For every service provider this registration must -->Service Tax Registration
8 for Any tupe of Business Organisation This Registration Must--> Click Here->Labour Registration
9 For Carrying Import And Export This Registration Must
Click Here->IEC Registration
10 To Make Own Brand Name/Logo -->Logo Or Brand Name Or Trademark Registration
11 To Make Patented Innovated New Design/Technology Click Here->Patent Registration
12 For Mainintaning Standards Of The Organization Click Here-> ISO Certification Services
13 For Any Sales/Works Contract With Material This Registration is Must To Raise Invoice Click Here->VAT Registration
14 To file income tax,Etenders -->Click Here->Digital Signature
15 To Provide Security/Manpower Click Here->ESI Registration
16 To Provide Security/Manpower Click Here->PF Registration
17 To Pay /Deduct Tds For rent/Consultancy Payments/Salary Click Here->E-TDS
18 every Company/Firm/Individual Income Tax Filing Click Here->Income Tax Return Filing Services
Accounting Services - We provide Accounting /Auditing/Company income Tax returns filing/Roc Returns Filing/Personal Income tax Filing/Wealth Tax Filing