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One Person Company Or Opc Registration Overview Below

One Person Company Registration Or OPC Registration is The First Ever corporate structure form of business registration given even to individual/Proprietorship/Single Owner form of businesses. It Has its unique features compare with single trade/sole trader business registration existing in India. In Terms Of Limited Liability, Corporate Structure, Perpeutuality, Legal Entity And Other Feautures are some of its unique features. Normally Single Ownership Businesses are unlimited when the business in losses but one person private limited company registration gives them limited liability option even if it incurs the losses more than the contrubution made in the company by the single member(owner). Hence traditional form of sole trader/s are advised to reduce/mititage their burden of future losses that may occur by choosing opc company registration form of corporate structure

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One Person Company Registration Procedure

(download above forms and fill with signatures and notary and stamp papers will be done by us )

New One Person Company Registration In India

Provide Us Below Documents And Information To Register One Person Company

To Register One Person Company Minimum 2 Persons Required

what is meant by one person company and its registration ?

As per section 2(62) of the Companies Act, 2013, “One Person Company” means a company which has only one person as a member. Member Mean who invest money in company but not director. If the member want to appoint who in his view tallented and excell in performing the functions of business of one person company then he may appoint him as director of the company. maximum number of directors in one person company is 15 and maximum share holders/member is only One. opc act 2013 will not allow invitation of share holders for contributing to the capital of the one person company

One Person Private Limited Company Prominence ?

one person private limited company registration brought great impact in indian business, corporate structure proprietorship form of business registration has been given in companies act 2013. those are in proprietorship form of business are allowed for conversion of proprietorship business into OPC form of registration. registration of opc by single member gives among all limited liability, simple legal compliance, filing of cash flow statement, borrowing in the name of the company are some of features of it

To Whom Best Suitable

Those Are willing to carry on their own and satisfy in their own regime and not interested to mingle with other persons as their business partner in carrying the business are better to choose this form of business and also it keeps business secret secure which lead to continuous growth and freedom of business.

advantages of one person company registration ?

freedom from large legal compliance when compare with private limited company form of corporate business structure , need not to have submit cash flow statement, need not to have appointed company secretary for filing of annual return of the company, the company director himself can submit the same to mca , freedom from business secretes being no other person directly involved in decision matters, can implement own thoughts, separate legal entity character, when there is chance of high level growth it may invite venture capitalist and investors changing its one person company character into private limited form of business registration, Mandatory rotation of auditor after expiry of maximum term is not applicable , only one conducted board meeting is enough in each half of the calender year (calender year mean jan to december)and the gap should not be less than 90 days, For an OPC having only 1 director, the provisions of section 173 (Meetings of board) and section 174 (Quorum for meetings of Board) will not apply. financial statement of the company can be signed by the director himself after duly accepted by the member of the company and many more to say as its advantages. Another feature of the OPC Company is member of the company can get financial assistance to purchase its shares . Need not to hold annual general meeting. Need not to prepare a report on annual general meeting.Financial statement and Board’s report can be signed only by one director. Need not prepare a statement indicating the manner in which formal annual evaluation has been made by the Board of its own performance and that of its committees and individual directors.One person company need not to have more than one director on its Board.Retirement by rotation is not applicable.Need not to appoint Independent directors on its Board.Additional grounds for disqualification for appointment as a director may be specified by way of articles.Restrictive provisions regarding total number of directorships which a person may hold in a public company do not include directorships held in One Person company which are neither holding nor subsidiary company of a public company.Additional grounds for vacation of office of a director may be provided in the Articles.

Disadvantages of one person company registration ?

carrying business in form of One person private limited company rather it gives disadvantages has the more beneficial characters except if the turnover crosses 2 crore of rupees in any financial year audited profit and loss account then it loose it looses its OPC private limited character and becomes private limited company and also one person private limited company paidup capital if crosses more than 50 lakh in any financial year as per last audited balance sheet it looses its one person company character and becomes private limited company form of registration. apart from above it has limitation like it cant carry huge business being it cant invite investment or invite share holders for contribution of higher capital

1st Director/Share Holder Inormation And Documents
1) Colour Photo
2) Pan card
3) Id Proof-Any one:(Adhar Card/Voter Card/Driving License/Passport)
4) Personal House Address Proof: (Gas Bill/Tele Bill/Electricity Bill/Bank Statement)
5) Email Id
6) Mobile Number
Nominee Applicant Information And Documents Required.
1) Colour Photo
2) Pan card
3) Id Proof-Any one:(Adhar Card/Voter Card/Driving License/Passport)
4) Personal House Address Proof: (Gas Bill/Tele Bill/Electricity Bill/Bank
5) Email Id
6) Mobile Number

Proposed Company Name To Register And Other Information To Be Provided .

1) Company Name
2) Company Address (Full Address With Pincode)
3) Activity of the Company
4) Electricity Bill & NOC From Building Owner
5) All Above Information And Documents Are Must Need To Be Provided To Apply .
6) Mobile Number
We Provide The Following In Registration Of Private Limited Company
1. Digital Signature 1.
2 Director Identification Number 1.
Note : Select Unique Name for fast approval & To Avoid Delay in Registration Process
2.Memorandum Of Association
3 Artilcles Of Association
4.Company Incorporation Certificate.
Form 29 Filing MOa & Aoa
TIME : Min : 6 Working Days To Maximum of 15 Working Days.
6.Company Pan
7.Company Tan
8. Total Registration Document in Printing With Courier (Provide Address To Couirer The Same)
Kerala,Bhopal,Bangalore,MadhyaPradesh,Punjab Additional Stamp Duty Charges Applicable and need to pay As Receipt Basis (9500+ Additional Stamp Duty On Receipt Basis)
Time: Min 6 working days And maximum 15 Working Days
Other Registrations To Be Taken After Registratration Of one person private limited company-